Yoga for Imperfect Humans.

The yoga begins when we are intentionally setting down the distractions of the world around us and joining together all the pieces of ourselves — breath, body, mind, and and spirit — to work as one.

Yoga from Lansing, Michigan.

Imperfect Humans Yoga was born out of a desire to remove some of the barriers that exist between aspirational practitioners and the Western yoga community: cost of classes, fear of judgment, misconceptions about yoga, studio location and accessibility, stereotypes of who “can” be a yoga practitioner…to name a few. I like to meet people where they are – physically, emotionally, mentally – and bring this healing practice to them.

Find Your Practice.

Community Classes

Donation-based, no-minimum classes open to the public and offered in varying community spaces.

Group Lessons.

Perfect to infuse mindfulness and wellness into your workplace and as a fun experience with friends and family.

Private Lessons.

Ideal for new or experienced students seeking a one-on-one, personally tailored experience. Virtual or in person.